Elizabeth Wright, Fitness Director

Elizabeth Wright joined Ladera Oaks in 2001. Elizabeth thinks there are three things that Ladera Oaks superb: The facilities are gorgeous and extremely well maintained. And the club is in a great location – you can be incredibly active from club – you can run, bike, walk up a nature trail, and it is really easy to get here!

What is your background in fitness?

My background in Fitness is diverse and almost as old as I am! I grew up on a farm where you had to be agile and able – and with my parents both hailing from a theatrical background, I had to take dancing lessons (which I loved!)

Learning to swim and ride horses helped round out an active PE program in both grade school and college. What was our winter Physical Education course? Downhill skiing at Killington!

When did you decide that coaching/instructing was for you?

I completed a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology, with a specialty in health Education. For my graduate internship I got to teach and work at the famed Aerobics Center/Cooper Clinic in Dallas and at Harvard with their Faculty and Staff program.

Throughout college and graduate school I tried to get certified by as many different professional specialty groups as possible – such as The American College of Sports Medicine and The National Academy of Sports Medicine. I knew I loved teaching and coaching movement from my sophomore year of undergraduate studies. That enthusiasm and joy is something I strive to share in all my classes and trainings today!

What is special about Ladera Oaks' program and what makes Ladera Oaks so unique to the sport?

Fitness and Wellness classes at Ladera Oaks create community. Our programs provide high-quality instruction and personalized support in a friendly and comfortable place to see friends, share ideas, stories and make connections. Our community is easy-going, down-to-earth and at the same time well traveled and accomplished in their professions. Just last year, two class attendees were invited to the UN for special sessions on women’s and girl’s health. Moms, nurses, doctors, teachers, scientists – all walks of life come in to bend and stretch. We’re a great place for a workout and – equally important – social connections for support and friendship.

What is the most important thing you can leave your athletes?

The most important thing I leave my athletes with is: feeling better. Movement is a day-changer. Everyone usually feels better after a workout than they did before the workout. To get to move in our gorgeous facility and/or take a top-rate fitness class just adds to the benefits of moving the body and connecting with others. Ladera Oaks does this beautifully!