‘Timing’ Is the Key to POWER!

Many tennis players, struggle to play with consistency and power. While consistency is a top priority in tennis, power is a weapon you can always use to your advantage. 

 Sometimes players try to get that power in their stroke by ‘muscling’ the ball. If you try to add a lot more power at the moment of impact, it’s usually too late. A powerful swing comes from proper timing, not trying to crush or slap the ball at impact.

 To generate power, think of your swing as building up momentum ahead of the impact of the ball. When a ball is hit to you, prepare before it gets to you. Then ‘WAIT’ with your racquet in position until it is time to swing (see picture.) This is a fantastic loaded position.


When the ball arrives, relax and let your racquet accelerate into it.

Try This:

Practice your swing without a tennis ball and see if you can make a ‘swishy’ noise with your racquet performing your normal form (no slapping at the impact position.) Take note that your racket can swing faster the more relax you are and by letting it accelerate smoothly through the stroke. 

Some players are so worried about actually making contact with the ball that they tense up and limit their racquet speed by trying TOO hard just to make contact. Recognize that you’ve probably hit thousands of tennis balls in your lifetime, and the reality is that you will hit the ‘sweet spot’ more easily by relaxing and swinging the racket with smooth acceleration! 

In Summary:

The key to hitting with more power is to trust that you can swing with a relaxed ‘swish’ of the racquet just like if you were doing a practice swing ‘swish’. TRUST your timing. Get your racquet ready, WAIT until its time to swing, and then UNLEASH POWER into the ball by making a nice and easy ‘swish’ swing. You will be POUNDING the ball in no time!