Eight Reasons Why You Should Get in the Pool (and a Few Ways to Get Started)

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By Andy Clifford, Aquatic Teams Director

There are many reasons to start a fitness program in the water. The benefits range from improved health, strength, and endurance to reduced stress. Below find a few reasons why swimming is good for you and how to get started.

1.       Heart Health – Swimming provides unparalleled cardio conditioning

2.       Great Cross-training and Recovery – Swimming is great cross training and provides excellent recovery from land based exercise

3.       Increased Flexibility – Swimming can help increase range of motion and flexibility

4.       Core Strength – Swimming with good technique is great for building core strength

5.       Endurance – A consistent swimming regimen will help improve your endurance

6.       Social Outlet – Swimming with a group is a great social experience and lots of fun

7.       Stress Reducer – Being in the water is a great way to reduce your stress level

8.       Weight Loss – Swimming at an aerobic heart rate level will help lower weight

Do you need help getting started on a swimming regimen?  Here are a few ways to help you dive in.

1.       Come try out a Ladera Oaks Masters swim practice.  They coaches and team members are very supportive. Speed is not important, if you can swim, you can swim Masters.

2.       Take a swim lesson. A swim lesson or two can help you brush up on your skills and provide you with basic training ideas.

3.       Grab a friend and go to the pool. It will be fun, I promise.

4.       Go to the United States Masters Swimming website.  It has a wealth of information from getting started to technique to equipment. Visit USMS.org.

5.       Fall off a ferryboat in San Francisco Bay (not recommended)!

Good luck with your new swimming venture! Need information? Contact Andy Clifford at andy@laderaoaks.com.