The swim instruction program at Ladera Oaks is renowned throughout the Bay Area. We offer lessons for all ages and abilities. 

To schedule lessons and find out about lesson availability, please contact the swim lesson office at (650) 854-3101 X2100 or you may register online.


Parent & Tot

Our unique “Parent & Tot” program gives children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years a fun and gentle introduction to the water. Thirty-minute group classes are held with a parent, grandparent or other care provider in the water with each child. We show parents how to play with their children in ways which will help them learn to enjoy the water quickly, and will teach them to swim correctly right from the start. This first exposure to the water is fun – and informative. Parents enjoy playing and bonding with their children and the children love the feeling of being buoyant and gravity free in the pool. You are welcome to observe our teaching techniques.  

Please click here to see our current Parent Tot class offerings. 


Swim Lessons for Children

At Ladera Oaks, we focus on helping students overcome any fear of the water they may have and then teach them the proper mechanics of swimming. We offer students a natural progression:

  • Feeling comfortable in the water
  • Putting your face in the water and keeping water out of your nose
  • Discovering natural buoyancy and learning to float horizontally
  • Learning to propel yourself through the water
  • Learning to breathe while in the water
  • Helping swimmers experience the joy and efficiency of flawless stroke techniques. Contact us to learn more about our approach.

Adult Swim Lessons

Ladera Oaks offers swim lessons to adults at all levels: We meet you where you’re at and help you meet your goals. 


Our instructors understand that many adults who want to learn to swim have concerns about the process; there’s nothing wrong with those concerns – they are part of our natural survival instinct. The essential first steps in teaching adults to swim are to:

  • Address their concerns and to reassure them
  • Teach them how to put their faces in the water without getting water in their noses, and
  • Convince them that they can float.

Once these are accomplished, students feel safe and confident in the water and ready to work on propulsion and breathing.

You may have thought that you would never learn how to swim – but you’ll marvel at how quickly you progress.



Our instructors will help you meet and exceed your swimming goals. Whether you want to prepare for a family vacation, swim to cross-train, join our Masters program or train for your first triathlon, we can help you. 



Experienced swimmers benefit from a stroke tune-up and an evaluation of their training program. Our instructors can help you improve your performance, reduce stress on your body and prevent sports injuries. Please contact us for more information or to schedule lessons.